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Program Kurso de Esperanto - Version 4 (march/2012) - Windows
Warning! Users of Windows 95/98/Me need to install the Windows Multilanguage support (if this has not already been done): go to the menu "Start/ Settings / Control Panel / Add or remove Programs / Windows Setup [tab]" and tick the box "Multilanguage Support", click OK on all screens and follow the instructions from Windows. If you skip this step, on the Kurso screens you might see square boxes instead of the Esperanto accents

item Minimum specification for running Kurso: Windows 95/98/Me/XP/Vista, Pentium 100, 16 MB RAM, SVGA, soundcard, (optional) microphone, 20 MB of disk space.

New in this version:
- Multiuser support: under Windows XP/2000/2003, every user will have his own settings
- Added translation to Slovenian and Latvian
- Enhanced the translation to English and Spanish

item How to install:
1. Download the install file into a temporary folder;
2. Run the install program;
3. Choose the language to use during installation (English is one of the options).

item Option 1 - Download from this website
http://kurso.com.br/kurso.exe (13,6MB)
http://fichiers.esperanto-jeunes.org/kurso/kurso.exe (13,6MB)
http://esperanto.net/kurso_de_esperanto/kurso.exe (13,6MB)
Program Kurso de Esperanto - Version 3.0 (20/Dec/2003) - Linux
Warning! When you use Kurso de Esperanto - Linux version for the first time, you must specify your preferred MP3 player and WAV recorder, as well as your preferred browser and e-mail client. To do this, go to the initial menu of Kurso, click on "Settings" and go to the tab "Sound and Internet". If the Esperanto accented letters do not appear correctly on the screen, install a Unicode font (supporting at least the "Southern European" subset), and on the settings part of Kurso state that font as the preferred default.

item Minimum spcification for running Kurso: Linux with graphics X-server, Pentium 100, 16MB RAM, SVGA, soundcard, (optional) microphone, 20MB of disk space.

item How to install:
How to run Kurso on Linux:
Download one of the above files (according to the version of your Linux) and unzip it into a folder. Go to that folder and run the script "kurso4.sh" (type "./kurso4.sh" in a command shell).
3. The program will be installed in the directory "/usr/share/kurso", and can be run with the command-line command "kurso".

item Option 1 - Download from this website
Debian - http://kurso.com.br/kurso-3.0.deb (15,0 MB)
RPM - http://kurso.com.br/kurso-3.0.i586.rpm (15,0 MB)
Utility program for translating Kurso - Windows

If you like this program and want to translate it into your own language (the course has already been translated into more than 23 languages), you can use this utility program. For it to work correctly, Kurso de Esperanto must already have been installed on the computer. You must notify the author about this work, so that he can notify you about changes/news concerning the translation work.

item tradukilo.exe (1,9MB)

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